Certified Aesthetic Practice Manager Certification

Enhance your credentials and establish yourself as an expert in the field of aesthetic medical practice management by completing the ABI Certification in Practice Management (CAPM) course. Take your expertise to a new level and learn the latest best practices in managing an aesthetic medical practice. To become CAPM certified, complete the three online video learning modules, which include helpful “knowledge checks” along the way, followed by successfully passing the CAPM exam. The three courses you will complete, broken down into helpful “micro-lessons,” include:

  • 8 Step Consultation Process
  • Be a Great Communicator
  • Growing Your Practice Successfully

Certified Aesthetic Practice Director Certification

As director, you are a leader at your practice and the one staff and clients look too for answers and direction. Learn the latest in aesthetic medical leadership and establish your expert credentials in the field by earning Certification as an Aesthetic Practice Director (CAPD). Enhance your personal credentials, show clients that your practice is being led by a credentialed expert in the field, and help your practice grow and expand.

CAPD courses include:

  • Developing your Med Spa I
  • Developing your Med Spa II
  • Developing your Med Spa III
  • Successfully Hiring a New Staff Member
  • Leadership Not Management

To become CAPD certified, complete the brief micro lessons and helpful knowledge checks within these five courses, and successfully pass the certification exam.